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Burlesque Hairstyles Video Tutorials

Burlesque Hairstyles come from the showgirls of old in the days of burlesque and peep shows. The term and show of burlesque was made popular during the period of 1860-1940’s America when it was usually done in a variety show atmosphere in cabarets or night clubs. Often with a comedic flare and a flare for the dramatic, burlesque is making a HUGE comeback in America as well as Europe.

European and American Burlesque, Burlesque Hairstyles and Modern Burlesque

While European burlesque slowly declined, American burlesque flourished and focused on female nudity.  This went on until it’s decline in the 1970’s. A resurgence in burlesque has started in the 1990’s in America and continued on until now. The focus on modern day burlesque, while still having a flair for female nudity, is on the elaborate costumes and the art of the story telling with the dance associated with the music and outfit. Contests and conventions have risen out of the love of modern burlesque and caused a great stir among showgirls today.

Aside from great costumes women are always looking for great Burlesque Hairstyles to go with their outfits and dance routines.

Burlesque hairstyles Videos

These are two great videos for doing burlesque hairstyles. This first video is a Dita Von Teese Style Burlesque Hairstyle, The second video is a good overall general tutorial for burlesque hairstyles.


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Burlesque Hairstyle Tutorial - Dita Von Teese

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