How To Do Wet Set Pin Curls – Part 1

How To Do Wet Set Pin Curls – Part 1

If you want to learn how to do Authentic Pin Up Hairstyles, then you need to know how to do Wet Set Pin Curls. Pin Curls were typically done wet, which is the reason it is called the wet set pin curls. If you watch a tutorial with someone using a curling iron, run as fast as you can. This is not true authentic pin curling.

How long does it take to do Wet Set Pin Curls

With real Wet Set Pin Curls the hair is set over a period of 7-8 hours, usually when you sleep. The reason for this is the hair will take shape and will NOT fall out of shape like a curling ironed hair style will if brushed. A dry set or hot set curl using hot rollers won’t hold up to the heat outdoors, moisture and/or humidity as well as a wet set.

A hot set might last the night but it won’t last to the next day, you’ll end up having to hot set it again. Dry hot setting can damage your hair, and if you’re a bottle blonde you really don’t want this. A good wet set will loosen up a bit over time but can last for days on end.

Wet Set Pin Curls Video Tutorial

This  video is part 1 of  a 2 part tutorial. Here is a list of things to have on hand when you do this:

  1. comb
  2. wire bristle brush
  3. double pronged clips or flat bobby pins
  4. hairspray
  5. time!! (the curls take a while to set and you’ll need to a minimum of 7 hrs, it is suggested to do while you sleep.)

These are optional:

  1. spritzer bottle with water
  2. gel or setting lotion
  3. end papers
  4. hairnet or scarf

We hope you have enjoyed and learned from this post about Wet Set Pin Curls.

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