Pin Up Hairstyles – Video Tutorials

Pin Up Hairstyles Video Tutorials

We have articles and more on Pin Up Hairstyles, but we thought a few video tutorials on how to do Pin Up Hairstyles would be appropriate. These are the best of the best found on YouTube and brought to you here. Many of these are quick and easy to do and with a little practice you’ll be able to get then out in minutes yourself.

Pin Up Hairstyles vs Rockabilly Hairstyles

Pin Up Hairstyles are similar if not, the same as Rockabilly Hairstyles. Hairstyles from the 40’s, 50’s and 60’s created buzz because of the movie stars that made them glamorous. Many of the movie stars and starlet’s were pined up on the walls, barracks and sometimes painted on the noses of wartime planes, thus the name pin up came into existence.

Other pin up styles of paintings were brought into play long before the hairstyles made famous by the movies stars, and were also called pin ups as they were often in the magazines men read and torn out and pined up onto the walls of automotive garages and the inside of lockers in locker rooms.

Pin ups have since had a resurgence since the rockabilly music scene has been rocking and rolling, and pin up modeling has had a resurgence as well. Pin up hairstyles have become a niche business for hairstylists who do hair for models and photographers who do pin up photography.

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Pin Up Hairstyles

Pin Up Hairstyles

Pin Up Hairstyles