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How To Do Reverse Victory Rolls

Reverse Victory Rolls

Reverse Victory Rolls

The name Victory Rolls or Reverse Victory Rolls, came from a maneuver a fighter plane would do with the victory of an aerial battle.  After WWII the ladies started calling this type of hairdo with the large barrel curls, victory rolls or reverse victory rolls, as a fashion statement attesting to the victory of WWII.

Reverse Victory Rolls The Old Way

Back in those days there were no blow dryers and other hairstyling products like there are today, so to start this style of hairdo the hair would be done with wet set pin curls and left to dry over night. In the morning the curls were brushed out somewhat to give the hair body, volume and curl. Then the curls were brushed up along side of the head or wound around the fingers to form large barrel curls or reverse victory rolls and fastened to the head with hairpins.

Variations of the hairstyle can be made from here with larger victory rolls, smaller ones and ones on the front of the head. Any numbers of variations are possible once the initial style is mastered. One of the easiest ways to make or help make your rolls is with a “hair rat”. A hair rat is a mat or roll made from your own shedded hair. They were used “back in the day” to help with rolls and waves with various hairstyles. They’re good to use especially if they are made of your own hair because of matching hair color.

Hair rats can be molded and shaped to fir the purpose you need, and are free and eco-friendly too. The fastest and easiest way to make a hair rat is combing the shedded hair out of your own brush and save it until you have enough to make the rat. Once you have enough, roll it between your palms to make a ball or sausage shaped rat. Simply but it can take a bit of time depending on how fast or slow you shed your hair.

Below are some videos on how to do Victory Rolls or Reverse Victory Rolled and some Flattened Victory Rolls.


Modern Reverse Victory Rolls Videos…

Flattened Reverse Victory Rolls: