How To Do Victory Rolls

How To Do Victory Rolls

If you are looking to learn How To Do Victory Rolls, you’ve come to the right place. My friend Nikki Napalm of Southern California has put together a video detailing how to do victory rolls. She has done hair for my shoots on several occasions and I can honestly say she really knows her stuff and how to do victory rolls. I wrote a post on how to do reverse victory rolls which detailed how to do reverse victory rolls but it also talked about he history of the hairstyle and how it came to be. Victory rolls were a way for the ladies to make a fashion statement attesting to the victory of WWII like the pilots of the war did a victory roll when they shot down an enemy.

How To Do Victory RollsHow To Do Victory Rolls

Another thing I wanted to touch on in this post, besides the video, is the new pin up hairstyles book called Retro Do’s.  This book was put together by a woman who’s daughters do a bit of pin up modeling too in Southern California.I was fortunate enough to photo one of her daughters at Ink-N-Iron 2009 for the pin up contest and car show. I ordered a copy of Retro Do’s myself and I have to say it’s a great book for the money. Some of the images are a little dark but they show exactly how to get that look of a great pin up hairstyle with a touch of edge. In this book you will definitely learn how to do victory rolls, as well as many other types of rolls and styles.

How To Do Victory Rolls

Here’s the video my friend did to show how to do victory rolls. It’s a great video, it’s well lit and easy to follow and watch. Enjoy…

I suggest watching it over and over till you get it right. It can take some practice but with a little you will know how to do victory rolls too!

Read more about Pin Up Hairstyles Here.

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